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Bigg Boss 11: How much Salman Khan getting Rs__crore per episode?

We bet you won’t believe how much he is earning for every single episode of Bigg Boss 11.As a very popular Controversial Reality show Bigg Boss Coming with it’s new Season 11. Salman Khan hosted 6 Seasons of Bigg Boss named as 4,6,7,8,9 and 10. Every year Salman khan comes with its new Entertainment Strategy to laughter Audience. Now, Salman Khan demand to increase his fees from Bigg Boss makers.
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 According to Hindustan Times, Bigg Boss makers have agreed to increase Salman Khan fees by 35%. Salman Khan is known by his lovable personality which will help Bigg Boss makers to get High Television Rating Point (TRP). Salman khan will be paid 11 crore per episode. Bigg boss makers have managed to retain Salman khan replacing Akshay Kumar as a host of Bigg boss 11. Salman Khan was paid between Rs 8-10 Cr per episode of Bigg Boss 10. Salman Khan will get additional fees for his Dance performance as per Contract. During the show, Salman Khan will also promote movies of Bollywood Stars.


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